PCI Express Riser 009S Extender Card Adapter 6-Pin



  • 60 cm usb 3.0 cable
  • PCI-Express x1 connection
  • 6-pin to sata connection cable.

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PCI Express Riser 009S Extender Card Adapter 6-Pin

The PCI Riser 009S Express Extender Cable is meant for cryptocurrency mining, this riser is manufactured with 2 LED-indicators which will show disturbance in power supply and show if the riser works correctly. The 009s riser has a 6-pin connection and is provided with a coating which makes sure your GPU stays cooled which will increase your revenue significantly. The gold plated USB adapter and PCI x1 slot makes a more stable connection which will benefit your mining profits. There is also another LED-indicator on the PCI x1 slot which allows you to see if the riser is installed correctly. This riser is meant for cryptocurrency mining with a graphics processing unit.

Weight110 g
Dimensions215 × 155 × 40 mm
BrandMining Wholesale
PackagingRetail Packaging