You can claim a refund for the difference if you find your purchased ASIC Miner cheaper on another website.

Just remember to contact us if you find a cheaper offer on your desired ASIC Miner on a trustworthy website. You’ll have to give us the link to the other offer and it needs to be online and available when we check.

We Price Match Checklist

  • The other offer has to be for the exact same ASIC Miner.
  • The other offer needs to have the same options (as the included taxes, Original PSU included, Warranty, and etc.).
  • The other item must have the same condition.

When can you not make a claim?

  • If the other offer is on a website which is not trustworthy and legit.
  • If the other offer is part of a rewards program.
  • If the delivery time is not the same. Pre-Order offers are always cheaper than items in stock.

Found the ASIC Miner cheaper somewhere else?

  • Open a ticket in your orders section from your account and claim a refund.
  • No account? Use the email address you made the purchase with to sign-up.
  • You can also contact us here.